One of the things that I have never been able understand is why a lot of Businesses still choose to operate with a free or or or email address.


A) It doesn’t look Professional: You have built a professional website to build your brand and professional image. Yet, when you communicate, you’re using a Gmail or Hotmail account. Most (if not all) web hosting packages come with/include many email accounts so essentially, that email address is “free”. You will more likely than not be taken more seriously by your clients and business associates if you make use of that custom domain email address

B) It doesn’t create a Brand Recall Value: Using a free webmail account does nothing to help build your brand. When you use your business email that has the same domain as your website, It is your calling card. It helps set you create a Brand recall value. instead of people having to ask you for your website they can go direct. Can you imagine company like Expedia using Gmail for business?

C) You don’t appear to be a Serious Player: Would you buy a 2000$ holiday from someone whose email reads [email protected] well I wouldn’t. I would never take this company seriously. Every Business needs to have a Domain name email address even if it is just a one man army.

D) It doesn’t make you look Credible: When you are building your Business it is all about your Image and you get one chance to make a first impression and build your Image and Credibility. The image that you wish to portray is one of professionalism & consistency, no matter the Size of your Organisation. If you have a Website then you already have email address which could be available to you.

If you want to be in a Business where people trust you with thousands of dollars of their money, the least you can do is look professional, give them comfort that you are a Serious company and someone who is Credible.

You owe it your Business and your customers to look Professional at all times. It all starts with having the right email address which you clients would see in their Inbox and a Cool Marketing fact is that an average person checks his inbox over 30 times a day.

In my opinion One should sign up with G-Suite, I am a little Partial towards G-Suite because it connects with 100’s of other services and these help in Automation later in Business. It Costs as little as 5$ per user a month, if you do some search you can even get it through a reseller for 36$ for a year that is $3 per user per month. Comes with 30GB of online storage and can easily help you move your important data to the cloud.

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