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Vishal Mehra

Travel-Guru | Disruptor | Marketer

I help Companies achieve Vertical Growth.

Hi, I’m Vishal Mehra, part of the Global Tourism Industry since 1989. Am a passionate Marketer and believe in Vertical Growth.

My Story

Travel bug bit me very early in my life thanks to the fact that My Dad used to work in the Aviation Industry and we got to travel a lot. By the age of 10, I had already been to South East Asia, UK and parts of Europe and I guess at that stage it was a given, that I would become a part of the Tourism Industry. 

My Fascination with marketing started when in early 90’s we launched Nepal as a Destination for leisure in India. We wanted to go big and we wanted to go wide. Newspaper was the preferred medium in those days and I was amazed at how we were able to build a Brand out of a new company by leveraging the power of Marketing. My love with marketing continued and I was always on the lookout for what I could leverage to reach people at Scale and build my brand. 

In 1998 a new service was making waves, It was called AWEBER. It was an emarketing software with built in Automation. Internet was still expensive and we had only Dial-up connections, which made testing this rather difficult. This all changed in 2001 when another service was launched called Mailchimp. Internet was better, Mailchimp had a generous free plan, Digital Marketing was picking up and my Journey with Digital was starting. 

Since then I have been constantly looking at options which can make my life easy, help me connect with larger audience with minimum of efforts and get me a ROI which is acceptable.  

Along the way I have tested countless CRM’s to always be able to provide better service to the clients and have data readily available as and when it was needed.

Learned about everything I could to understand how Websites work, how to design them, how to bring traffic to them and once you had the traffic how to convert it and so on.

Somewhere in this learning Journey without realizing I was assisting other’s to rank on Google and bringing in Traffic to websites which were A) Very Basic and B) had no quality content. Somewhere along the line the marketing journey merged with personal development journey when I first heard Tony Robbins and the Movie Secret came out. Since then these two have fascinated me and everyday brings in something new to learn.

Everyday I devote time to learn about both, find out new ways how I can create Value for myself and my clients and learn something new. After my Stint as the Head of Taiwan Tourism Board, I started my Company in Dubai and applying my knowlewdge took it to become the leading Tourism Representation and Marketing in the Middle East. At this stage requests started coming from people wanting to understand how in a short span of 2 years I had built my Brand and if I was willing to Consult them and build their brand. This led me to start sharing my Knowledge and take on Consulting Clients.

Now I am going what is called Open Source in the Tech world by sharing what I know and have learnt freely with one and all.

Can I help you in Your Business?

The Sort answer is YES, I can but only if what you are planning on doing requires a vertical growth path, I am very interested in working with Companies who believe that it is possible to 10X their Business in a year. Have the resources to do so and need someone who can guide and consult them and be a part of this Journey.  

If that is what you are planning on doing lets talk.