The Travel bug bit me very early in life, I was a couple of months old when I flew for the first time, I have been told. and was flying across India every 3-4 months. With my father being a Senior manager in Royal Nepal Airlines, we used to get free tickets and these were availed as well. I did my first international trip aged 6 and it was to Thailand and Hong kong which was the first exposure we got to International Travel and how different nationalities live. This was soon followed by a trip to UK, when travel to UK was easy for Indians, Visa was not needed at that time. Since then every year sometimes more than once a year we used to travel and that was the most interesting part of my childhood. 

The defining moment for me came in 1989, when WACA (World airlines clubs association) decided to host its annual convention in New Delhi, India. With my father being in the organizing committee he asked me if I wanted to help as a Volunteer. The incentive of staying at a 5 star hotel and the fact that I had also learned German Language by now and was hoping to practice it on Germans who would be attending, were reasons enough for me to say yes. The next 4 nights were probably the most demanding what a 19 year old can experience but when I was called on stage to be thanked in front of 300+ people, I knew I was cut out for this kind of work. 

Same year using my Dad’s connections I joined one of the leading Travel Companies in India and have had a blast for the past 29+ years. Have been a Transfer Rep, File executive, Trip Leader (15+ Years) Launched New Destinations in India (Nepal, Egypt) have been associated with Documentaries on wildlife and have had the good fortune of travelling through most parts of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. 

vishal mehra travel tourism consultant

Have eaten food & slept in the Monasteries with monks in Ladakh and broken bread with various Royal Families of Rajasthan. Have slept under the sky in the Desert to Private Suites in Palaces of Royalty. Have represented India as a Speaker (German Markets) to having addressed Esteemed Group of Travel Professionals on India at ILTM on how to Sell to BRIC countries.

My 3 Decades in the Global Tourism Industry dealing one on one with over 500 HNI Clients most of who were Multi Millionaires, owners of multiple businesses and managing portfolios running into hundreds of millions of dollars, has helped me understand why some people were able to scale up while others fail, a client centric approach to Business and how marketing can change the game for any company. Today I use all of that knowledge and help companies Scale up their Business in the Leisure, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Since most of my experience has been Client/Customer centric owing to me having spent a large part of my career in Hospitality and Travel domain, I approach everything from the end user point of view. 

I have used my learnings and knowledge to build multiple companies across geographies, have consulted to companies in Africa, Europe and Asia. Have scaled up operations to grow them 200%+ when other had given up. In every single case, I realized that it was what I had learned from these 500+ successful HNI’s that helped me succeed. That was the missing link between Success and mediocrity.  It was these learnings that taught me how to shift from being an Operator of the Business to an owner of Business.

I run my company in Dubai, called Bigfoot Marketing and write in my spare time on whatever interests me.

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