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I have 3 Decades of rich experience in the Tourism Field and am passionate about Marketing.

“I write about various destinations based on my experience and share marketing tips which can be used by Small to Medium companies without breaking the Bank.”

With Marketing It is possible to 10X your Small to Medium Business in as little as 1 Year. You just need the right Tools and the right approach and the right “PROCESSES”

A Travel Company that is struggling today needs to ask itself a Simple Question

Why is it, that the OTA’s that didn’t exist a few years ago are leaders today?

What are they doing right?

They have a Process and a Plan, the Marketing Tools and Automation. Scaling up your Business today is all about having the right tools in place. Your customers not only expect it they demand it.

I also concult small to medium companies largely in the Hospitality space to help them grow.










About Vishal Mehra

Tourism Guru

Vishal started his career in Incoming / DMC Business in 1989. Over the last 3 decades he has been involved in International Sales and Marketing for DMC’s and Destinations, Launching Brands across various Geographies, whether it was Nepal in India in 1991 or Nepal in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 1993-95 or India as a Destination in USA, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria throughout the 90’s or Egypt in the Indian Sub-Continent in 2007 or Taiwan in the Middle East between 2015-2017. Vishal runs a sucessful Marketing & Representation Business called Bigfoot Marketing based out of Dubai (serving the Middle East) and expanding to India soon. He has been able to build up his Business in the past 2 years using Innovation and Automation. He also consults various Travel Companies on how to get to the next level by using Modern Tools available

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Segmentation: The process of defining and subdividing your Customers into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs wants, or demand characteristics. Its objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectations of customers in the...

Choosing your Niche

For the longest period I can remember, I have always advocated going after a Niche in your Industry. (Actually I am a firm believer that companies who operate in Micro Niche's seldom have a want of customers) Finding a Niche doesn't have to be a scary thing, on the...

Inbound Marketing

Getting new customers should not be difficult if you have your Marketing Strategy right. A Marketing strategy with a clear end goal in Sight seldom fails if the focus is not changed halfway. First you need to define who your target client is. Are you going Specific or...

What is a Sales Funnel?

What is a Sales Funnel? Why do you need a Sales Funnel as a Travel Company? If this question confuses you then read on. A funnel is something we are all familiar with. It is wider at the top and narrow at the Bottom. From a Travel prespective not everyone who Inquires...

Landing Page Builders

Back in September 2018, we had spoken about a Sales Funnel and I had mentioned about using Landing Page Builders as a layer between your Website and the Lead you were wanting to get into the funnel. I got a few people who reached out to me and asked me to explain this...

How Relevant are you as a local Travel Agent today?

Are you as a travel Agent today, still as relevant as you used to be around 10-12 years ago? With easy access to Internet and everything being available online, larger choice of Hotels using Tripadvisor.com, booking.com, expedia.com or hotels.com for hotels and meta...

Travel Agencies + Dotcom.secrets

More often than not, when Travel Companies connect with me and ask for Guidance, they ask for incremental Increase in Business, as a Travel Marketing Specialist who has grown his Company exponentially using power of online tools and having the right mindset, I always...

CRM for a Travel Agency

First and foremost the basic question I get asked is, Do i need a CRM. A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a tool which every Organisation should be using. It doesn’t matter if you are a Start up, a one Man army or an Organisation with a Sizeable workforce....

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