International Sales & Marketing Expert

Helping Tourism Companies scale up using the Power ofAutomation.

Automation is the way forward

“If your Travel Business is not automated today, you may not be in the Business tomorrow”

If your Travel Business is not growing Organically, there is a reason for that. The Tools that brought you to where you are today, can’t bring you to the NEXT LEVEL.

It is possible to 10X your Small to Medium Travel Business in as little as 1 Year. You just need the right Tools and the right approach and the right “CONSULTANT”

A Travel Company that is struggling today needs to ask itself a Simple Question

Why is it, that the OTA’s that didn’t exist a few years ago are leaders today?

What are they doing right?

They have a Process and a Plan, the Marketing Tools and Automation. Scaling up the Travel Business today is all about having the right tools in place. Your customers not only expect it they demand it.










About Vishal Mehra

Tourism Guru

Vishal started his career in Incoming / DMC Business in 1989. Over the last 3 decades he has been involved in International Sales and Marketing for DMC’s and Destinations, Launching Brands across various Geographies, whether it was Nepal in India in 1991 or Nepal in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 1993-95 or India as a Destination in USA, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria throughout the 90’s or Egypt in the Indian Sub-Continent in 2007 or Taiwan in the Middle East between 2015-2017. Vishal runs a sucessful Marketing & Representation Business called Bigfoot Marketing based out of Dubai (serving the Middle East) and expanding to India soon. He has been able to build up his Business in the past 2 years using Innovation and Automation. He also consults various Travel Companies on how to get to the next level by using Modern Tools available

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