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"Dominate Google Search: Our Proven Strategies for Success"

Without proper SEO your Website would probably be on the page 10 of Google, where no one would find you and probably you will not receive any Inquiries or Leads. What you need is a SEO consultant in India and SEO strategies, that ensure your website gets to the 1st Page of Google and not only dominate the search results and attract more qualified leads, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Imagine you have a shop in a bustling marketplace. Keyword research is like finding the busiest streets and placing your shopfront where everyone can see it. We’ll find the most relevant and popular search terms that Indian customers use to find businesses like yours, ensuring you reach the right audience and attract more customers.

On-Page Optimization

Think of your website as your shop window. On-page optimization is like making your window displays visually appealing and informative. We’ll optimize your website content, title tags, and meta descriptions with the right keywords and information, making it easy for Indian customers to find what they’re looking for and stay engaged.

Technical SEO Audit & Fixes

Imagine your Business is beautiful, but the entrance is broken. Technical SEO is like ensuring the doors and windows are functioning smoothly. We’ll conduct a thorough technical audit to identify and fix any technical issues that might be hindering your website’s performance in search results.

Off-Page Optimization & Link Building

Imagine you have a network of friends who recommend your Business to others. Off-page optimization is like building those connections online. We’ll build backlinks from high-quality websites to your own, essentially earning votes of confidence that signal to search engines that your website is valuable and trustworthy.

Content Marketing Strategy

Imagine you have a friendly salesperson who educates and engages customers in your Business. Content marketing is like having a digital salesperson who creates informative and engaging content that attracts and converts Indian customers. We’ll develop a content strategy that positions you as an expert in your field, builds trust, and ultimately drives sales. Remember People like to buy from People who exude authority and solve a problem. As your SEO Consultant in India I ensure that the authority and your Solutions come across in front of your potential customers.

Local SEO Optimization

If you have conducted any search on Google in the past few months you would have seen that google prioritises near me searches, also known as Local Searches. The same can be successfully deployed for your Business as well. With our proven strategies we will get you to rank in Geographies which matter for your Business.

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Case Studies

We understand that we live in a day and age of Social Proof. As a SEO Consultant in India who has already helped multiple clients rank on the first page of Google, I am happy to share a few examples here.

  • C3 School Services: The Client wanted to rank for Whiteboard Manufacturer in Delhi and we helped them get on the first page of Google. Result they get multiple leads on a Daily basis.
  • Falcon Cables: The Client wanted to rank for Keyword Audio Cables in Jaipur and we helped them get on the first page of Google.
  • Dagar Gensets: With the recent introduction of new laws on Use of Diesel Generators in Delhi NCR Region, the Client wanted to rank for CPCB+ Generator in Gurgaon and CPCB+ Generator in Sonipat. In both the Cases the client is on the first page and is getting multiple leads every day.
  • This is just to show you that with me as your SEO Consultant in India you can rank on the first page of Google as well.
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Unleash Your Website's Potential: Drive Organic Traffic & Leads

You are leaving money on the table by failing to leverage the power of organic search. Let me explain, when Someone searches for a particular product or service in your domain/Industry and you don’t show up

A ) Not only are you not getting that Inquiry which is high intent as someone is actively searching for that product and service.

B ) Your competition who is showing up gets to benefit and grow.

What this means for you is not only loss of that one Sale but also future sales from that Lead who has the potential to become a client.

As a SEO Consultant in India I help you unlock your website’s true potential, by bringing you on the first page of Google, driving explosive growth in organic traffic and qualified leads.

How do I as a SEO Consultant In India help you Unleash your Websites Potential?

Once I have studied your Business, understood your requirement’s as to what products and locations you wish to rank for my Team and I will get to work.

What do we Guarantee you?

This is a word you will not hear much in the SEO Space,“Guarantee” however we do give you a Guarantee:

  • Guarantee of Increased Organic Traffic
  • Guarantee of Improved Brand Awareness
  • Guarantee of Higher Lead Conversion Rates (You just need to have a good Sales team)
  • Guarantee that whatever you have paid us will pay for itself many times over.

As someone who has been in this Business as a Leading SEO Consultant in India for over 12 years, and a Marketer since early 2000, I can promise you that very few SEO consultants / Agencies can give you a Guarantee.

As a SEO Consultant I will tailor the SEO solution to your Business needs

If you have tried SEO in the past and not gotten any results it is probably because the Solution was not tailored to your Business. One-size-fits-all solutions don’t work in the dynamic world of SEO.

As a SEO consultant in India who has helped scale up hundreds of Businesses, I understand that every business is unique, and I tailor our comprehensive SEO solutions to your specific needs and goals. From keyword research to content creation and link building, my team and I cover all bases to ensure your success.

What can you expect if you work with me and my team

  • You can say goodbye to low Rankings on Google.
  • You will get results
  • You are working with a Team which has excelled at growing Indian Businesses and can help you unlock Sales both in India and Globally.
  • Data Driven Approach
  • I will scale your Business.

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Speaking to the leading Digital Marketers in Dubai

Who am I and Why Should you Trust me to be your SEO Consultant in India?

My name is Vishal Mehra and I used to be an International Sales Professional operating in German Speaking Markets (since I speak German) and North American Markets.

I embraced Marketing to solve my own problem of Distribution. As a B2B sales expert, I knew there had to be a more efficient way of distributing content to a large scale of people and that was the start of my Marketing. In my past time I learned how to set up websites as this meant that sitting in India I could share my knowledge with a Global Audience and with the right SEO strategy I could actually make it rank and show up in search results. In the 2000 decade the SEO was fairly simple but as the Web evolved so did SEO and it became more challenging to rank for Keywords.

It is then I decided to take professional help but unfortunately I was made a lot of promises which were not delivered, when I spoke with other Business owners a lot of them had a similar story to tell. I ended up learning SEO by doing it myself and have been hooked onto it since then.

I am a Qualified Digital Marketing Consultant who has the added advantage of being an International Sales Professional and hence my unique approach combines Sales and Marketing together and all our actions are aimed at improving your Top and Bottom Line and SEO when done right has the potential to do the same for your Business.

Over the years I have Consulted multiple Digital Marketing Companies in India and Internationally on how SEO should be done and how to scale up the clients, I have my own company called Skrrt Marketing in Noida and have worked with 500+ businesses as a SEO Consultant in India.

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